New Poolside Tote

The fact that I am posting about a recently finished Poolside Tote is pretty indicative of my summer – constantly falling behind. It’s a little ironic that I’m posting this on what seems like the last day of summer, which is also my kids’ first day of school. Oh well, I still love the bag and can use it for many more occasions than just going to the pool. The reality is that I cut out the fabric for this tote back in May and never had time to work on it, but I was tired of the pieces lingering around so I decided now was the time ┬áto complete it.AquaPoolside_Full_BPAquaPoolside_FrDet_BPAquaPoolside_InClasp_BPThis is the third Poolside Tote that I’ve made. The previous two bags were made for friends as gifts. You may remember this one made for my friend Melissa for the Swapaholics Retreat using indigo colored yarn dyed linen and one of my favorite calico prints from Vintage Picnic by Bonnie and Camille.Swap_PoolsideTote_1_BPI first made this green and blue one for another friend.J_PoolsideTote_BPThe Poolside Tote is a Noodlehead pattern and is a nice, spacious tote. With all three bags that I’ve made I went with a more flexible version, but the pattern calls for a more structured version as well which I would like to try next time. Cheers to finishing a WIP!


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