Headshot_Blog_Feb16_250x250Hi, I’m Stacy! Ever since I can remember I’ve loved to create. I’ve had many different hobbies over the years and am always learning new ones even when I shouldn’t. I love to learn and take great pride in being able to make something on my own or for someone I care about. When I’m not caring for my family, which includes my husband and two young children, I’m either running my child and family photography business, sewing, quilting, designing, crafting or scheming my next diy or decorating project. See why I don’t need any more hobbies. I’m slowly learning I can’t do them all at the same time. Not without driving myself crazy or losing sleep.

I started blogging about four years ago on my previous site Freshly Handmade after deciding to leave the corporate world as a marketing communications manager and graphic designer. Sadly, I abandoned my old blog a couple years ago when I decided I wanted to start a new one under my own name, but I never got around to making it happen. That, and having Instagram makes it easy to let the blog slide while you’re still creating. However, I miss having another platform to share my creative projects and the details of how they are made, so I am very excited to start this new blog. I hope you’ll join me often and share with me your creative endeavors as well.

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